Monday, February 2, 2015

Utopia Synth by Skychord Electronics (formerly King Capital Punishment)

First things first, Source sounds. They're very important (obviously), but they're going to be VERY important to this blog, so i'll start with the things that will be the basis for EVERY review i'll do.

since i record digitally, it's important set normals, so you have a great idea, what can be done with the pedals. to set the normals i turn the volume all the way up on the unit. then hit record. i aim to get the volume just below the clip line like so:

if the volume needs to be adjusted for the effect unit being used, i'll make notes about it in the comments on the soundcloud track. This is all an experiment, and i'm completely open to feedback on how i could make this better and clearer for everyone.

ok, enough of the "behind the curtain", onto the show:


The Utopia Synth has 4 squarewave oscillators, paired by 2 mains, and 2 modulators. Each oscillator has an on/off switch and a pitch range switch (modulators included), and a control knob. There is also a volume knob on the right side, and a single 1/4" mono output. The Utopia Synth is powered by a single standard boss style 9v connector only, no batteries and best of all, it's roughly the same size as your average boutique pedal.


The Utopia Synth is a great compact little "Box Synth". Simple in construction, simple to use, with a wide range of sound. It's great for knob twiddlers and pedal mashers, as well as set and forget HNWallers and thats why i'll rely on this unit ALOT.